Our Clients

TechResourcesMA is proud to work with local, regional and national businesses on their technical needs. Here are some of the clients we have worked with:


Agway came to us with concerns about the deep cuts and layoffs with their existing web vendor. Their biggest concern was hosting, and the risk of potential business interruption. We backed up their website which was intricate with sub-sites and custom programs attached. Next, we thoroughly tested the site before moving it to a national carrier. The process took less than a week and the client was delighted with how smooth the transition went.

The Barn Grocery Store

The Barn Grocery Store came to us for Social Media Marketing and a new Website. A very busy and hectic discount grocery store, we recommended a Marketing Plan with a phased approach. We first implemented an updated logo and Facebook business page which became an instant success. The community grew quickly with loyal and highly interactive followers. For the first time, management read daily stories, thanks and appreciation for The Barn’s product and pricing.  We then moved to weekly Broadcast EMails, Online Promotions, Contests and Coupons. We finished with an SEO optimized Website making The Barn Grocery Store a New England destination. The final phase of this project was a Training Plan so the client could self maintain their own Marketing Plan.

FIT Solutions

FIT Solutions came to us for a website cloning project after completing a difficult and lengthy redesign with a custom programming vendor. The process elevated the need to change vendors and have their website written in a more common programming language that would be easier to update. The problem was that they liked their new look and didn’t want to start over. We collaborated with a third party vendor, cloned their site in Drupal, moved the hosting, and went live 48 hours later.

Ronald McDonald House of Springfield MA

With the 2008 economic downturn, donations critically needed to operate The Ronald McDonald House were in a shortfall.  We built this state-of-art website with the goal of increasing donations and to reduce postal expenses.  We published 11.17.11 with Online Donation, Facebook Integration, Interactive Calendars, Broadcast Email, Event Registration – and the website instantly became their internal/external hub of operations.  Check it out.  Learn what they do.  You might even be moved to make a Donation!

Darby O’Brien Advertising & PR

Sub-contracting for Advertising Agencies was one of the reasons I started TechResourcesMA.  I love working with the amazing creatives at Advertising Agencies.  We provide back end internet expertise with just-in-time resources so agencies can deliver full service marketing solutions to their clients. Go Web!

Executive Forum Magazine

We produced the graphics and developed the website for this start-up magazine.  The graphic design in our own Advertisement was so well received, our Ad became the long standing back cover for this magazine.  We have amazing designers here at TechResourcesMA.

New England Lumber Specialties

In the early days of TechResourcesMA, this client needed more than we offered, but true to our business model we connected them to resources for IT, bookkeeping and accounting.